I have painted water for many years.

Beginning first in Banff with the Bow River Suite - click the Banff Gallery link to see there.

Most recently I did a large commission of Water Triptychs for Bone Fish Restaurant group. The process of creating triptychs was not something I had really worked with before, but soon found the tripling or amplification of images over three surfaces most intriguing. I worked on both paper and canvas, enjoying the difference the two surfaces each bring. The pieces on paper (the top two triptychs) are simpler images and paintings - less layers and have a more graphic look to them. The pieces on canvas are more complex, their colours and layers more nuanced. 

The triptychs are followed by a whole suite of paintings on water that span several years.

These paintings all began with the element they are about: water. Or rather, pools of paint staining the paintings surface. From there, each painting was made anew with layers of further pools of paint and/or the dappled pattern of light playing on actual bodies of water: Lake Minnewanka, the Bow River, Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake, Wood Lake and Coldstream Creek.