Shapes & Forms is a body of small collaged drawings I made as I was thinking a lot about Matisse's cut-outs. I had just bought a book that accompanied the Museum of Modern Art - Moma's exhibition of his Cut-outs and had been reading about the process behind them - apparently he spent a lot of time sitting with every cut-out, tweaking and re-cutting them until they sang in his particular Matisse way. I had also just come out of a series of back-to-back commissions and was looking forward to making some new work for myself; exploring some new ideas and materials. 

I already had some bright and colourful tape laying around and began with that. Once I'd gotten going, it required a good number of trips to various stores to find other tapes - semi transparent scotch tape, brightly coloured and shiny duct tape, textured and neutral coloured hockey tape, coloured masking tape, and finally: packing labels. 

I loved the way this body of work shifted from idea to idea, colour scheme to colour scheme, materials to materials; creating a series of smaller bodies of work within a larger one. 

All works measure 7" H X 5.5" W