For years I thought commissions were not for me. But then I was commissioned to remake a painting for a Marriot Hotel in Chicago and that changed everything, completely. 


I am happy to create commissions that are reproductions of previous work and/or are new work that is inspired by or based on older work. 

PLEASE NOTE: Commissions are NEVER identical reproductions of the original. They are individual, original artworks in their own rights and will have variances in colour, size, etc. from the original. 


A client in Seattle loved the original (the piece on the far left - Hurricane). But when she discovered it was 5' X 5', which was too big for her space, I offered to remake it at a smaller scale. Also, she decided, she would like two of them. Here's how they turned out.

A client here in the Okanagan wanted to buy these works, which were originally offered as a trio. However, at the time of his purchase, I only had two left. So, I offered to remake the third (the image on the far right).

I also completed similar commissions for clients in New York and California - New York, on the left, framed in the clients home. California on the right, in the studio before it was shipped out - to date, still the biggest water piece I've made - 48" X 72". 

Water continues to be a fascination for me. And over the Summer of 2015, I complete a large body of work for the Bone Fish Grill restaurant group. Three triptychs in gouache on paper and three triptychs in gouache on canvas. 

On the more geometric side, I also recently completely this commission for the Wendover Art Group in Florida. This trio was inspired by some older work that Wendover were particular fans of. The final pieces are 50" X 39" gouache on paper. 


I offer 3 and 6 month payment plans for available for works over $600 in value.  Please email me to see if this option would work for you.