To Katie Brennan - Hello from Boston!

Recently I received a most wonderful email in my inbox. It was an email, with pictures no less, of a piece a couple in Boston had just bought of my work. They wanted a little more info about the piece. I was more than happy to oblige. 

Here's what I wrote to them:

It's not often that I get to see my works in people's homes - may I post this to my website? The piece looks VERY handsome in your lovely living room - great colour scheme. 

The original of this piece is called "Lace" and is painting of oil on paper measuring 5' X 5'. The original is also different colours - see attached :) It was created by taking a previous piece and tracing it's contours and doing a series on concentric lines around each part. I titled it Lace because it feels delicate and somewhat doily-like.  

Here's what they had to say about the work:

We have been looking for just the right piece for quite awhile and knew straight away without question that this was the one! :-)

And if you're also in the Boston area, and you like the look of this piece, head over to Home Goods, where this piece of mine was found. OR, head to my shop and buy directly from me online :) 

To the left, here's what the original looks like. Just change the colours and voila, it's a whole new piece :)