Katie Brennan radio interview on the Muse CKVS 93.7FM

I had the good fortune of coming on the radar of the Muse radio host and show creator Gail Mowatt - she had come to hear me speak at the Kelowna Art Gallery. You can listen to our entire conversation here (as well as my noisy fridge :)


Here's what she had to say about the Muse and the Voice of the Shuswap CKVS 93.7FM:

This radio show is on a new public community radio station that has been up and running since Dec 1st, 2012.  The radio station is called the Voice of the Shuswap, CKVS 93.7 FM.  My radio show is called "The Muse" (Oxford dictionary:  a source of inspiration for creativity). The premise of this radio show is to introduce various creative people (art, film, dance, theatre and literature) from outside the local environs of Salmon Arm. The key component of this radio show is be in the spirit and rhythm of a conversation.  The prevailing attitude will be serious but casual; informative, reflective and respectful.  The audience will discover that each show is open to serendipity.  The creative process is individual and the emphasis will be that there is no formula for every successful artistic process.  The impetus is to engage the listener and take them on a journey.  The conversation will divulge how the artist developed with their curiosity, spontaneity, humour and aspirations.