Katie Brennan at Ashpa Naira Gallery - Vernon BC

Spring is here and so is the art season…Ashpa Naira Gallery has open the doors for its seventh season, with a "Spring Group Exhibition"

Our first exhibition is featuring the artwork of the newest artists to be in the gallery: Katie Brennan, with her poetic description of the most familiar phenomenon, the sky.

Kevin Spetifore, deeply moved by the power of colour, line and texture, in where he values automatic drawing and experiential processes as starting points in his creative practice.

And Mexico born artist Lorena Krause, with her mainly abstract/mixed media GoPoPs —an acronym for glass on painting on paper. As Lorena Krause explains… GoPoPs was born from the fascination I developed for the delicate organic stains that can be created on paper when water touches ink. A personal challenge began to create different, odd or uncommon shapes in simplicity, focusing mainly on the placement of color, dabs and glass.

Other artists participating in this exhibition are: Angelika Jaeger, Lori Mairs, Vikki Drummond, Annemarie Fux, Deborah Wilson, Yael Krakowski, Martha Moore, Leonhard Epp, Jessica Klein, John Topham, Susan Richards, Barry Rafuse and Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante among others, who are showing work in a variety of media: painting, textile, sculpture, ceramic, glass and jewellery.

The exhibition runs to June 30, 2013. 

Ashpa Naira Gallery, located on the Westside of Okanagan Lake, is open from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Friday to Sunday —  



Admission is free.

Come by the gallery to enjoy some of the Okanagan artist's new work.